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Experience & Knowledge

Over the past 65 years Rincon has literally installed THOUSANDS of HVAC systems throughout Tucson and surrounding areas. We have a thorough understanding of this climate, building types and demands associated with indoor comfort. We are up to date on all the latest advancements in technology, energy efficiency and government regulations. This experience and knowledge allows us to provide you with the best available options and resources to ensure that installation process for your home or business is done efficiently, professionally and backed by our company for years to come.

Estimates on any installation project are always FREE. 


We Do It All

Our Install Team has the tools and skills to install a wide variety of HVAC equipment. Whether you are replacing an aged system, adding A/C for the first time or building from the ground up, we can help. 

Every project is unique, therefore we take the time to develop a precise plan that involves measuring to the smallest fraction of an inch, fabricating custom sheet metal fittings, angle iron stands, electrical whips, condensate  & gas pipes etc. This meticulous approach results in a final product that is clean, secure, efficient and appears as if it came from an engineered kit. 

Mini-Split/Ductless Systems

Over the last 5-10 years we have seen a huge increase in demand for Mini Split/Ductless Systems. 

These systems cover a wide range of applications and easily allow a space to be cooled and heated without having to do major remodel or construction work or require any sort of ducting. Additionally, the systems are available in both 115V and 230V and the efficiency of these units can reach as high as 30 SEER. 

Rincon has extensive experience in the installation of Mini Split systems. We have installed them in garages, additions, Arizona rooms, server rooms and even retro fitted entire homes. 

Evap/"Swamp" Coolers

For those that enjoy the cooling effect supplied by Evaporative Coolers, we got you covered. Our team can replace or add an Evaporative Cooler at your home or business and then continue to provide service and maintenance to keep you comfortable all year long.

Sheet Metal & Duct Work 

Our shop is equipped with all the tools and machines necessary to address most sheet metal fabrication needs. We are able to demo, measure, fabricate and install an entire new duct system. We can also help with basic metal needs and even random requests. 

There's More...

Water heaters, flue pipes, venting, we can do it and do it RIGHT! 

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